About Us

Welcome to EV Quotient, it’s a platform to discuss and learn about electric vehicles. Through this website, we provide an in-depth analysis of key topics related to EV Technology, EV Ecosystem, and Consumers. We look forward to an active audience in you.

We are a team of Technocrats & Automotive professionals who are passionate about EVs. Our team has several decades of global experience in Electric vehicles, Auto industry, IT & E-commerce. The team is spread across Europe and Asia, their alma matter includes Sheffield University, Warwick University, London Business School, Madras Institute of technology & Anna University.

Future of mobility is being transformed by Electric vehicles. For India to realize its dream of becoming a Global hub for EVs, it requires thousands of talented individuals. Through this initiative, we would like to play our role by kindling the curiosity & interest of our youths to be part of this EV revolution.

Some may see EV as a threat, but we see it as an opportunity. EV has the potential to provide millions of high-value jobs in the country through Component manufacturing, Vehicle Assembly, Charging infrastructure, Simulation software, Embedded technology, Battery R&D, and User interface Applications.

Our Team's Alma Matter

London Business School, UK

Sheffield University, UK

Warwick University, UK