Whether you're looking for a career in the Electric Vehicle space or just curious about the technology, you’ll find our courses, curated by Industry experts, extremely useful & enriching.

EVs are transforming the Automotive Industry Globally. By joining us you have taken an important step to be part of this revolution.



This course is curated by industry experts to help you learn about EVs. It comes with the following benefits,

  • Fully Online course
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  • Easy to understand format
  • Discussion board to clarify doubts
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We will not stop until every car on the road is electric - Elon Musk
Electric mobility Industry is expected to generate 10 Million Specialized Jobs - N.S.D.C


Structure and Pedagogy:

  • Courses are split into the following levels: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced
  • Each course is divided into 3 to 4 chapters and under each chapter, there are around 10 lessons
  • At the end of each chapter, there is a set of Q&A to check your understanding of the content
  • Theory in each lesson is augmented by Animations, Videos, and Images to improve learning
  • At the end of each course you will find summary in PDF format
  • To strengthen your fundamentals, we strongly recommend you start from the Basic level


Courses | Level : Basic

Introduction to Electric Vehicles

History of Electric vehicles, EV Jargon Buster, Working Principle of Electrical System, Working Principle of Electronic system


How EV Works

Stages of Electrification, Battery Basics, Lithium-ion Battery Tech, Charging Basics

INR 395/-

Know your EV

EV from a consumer point of view, Electric 2 wheeler, Working safely with EVs, EV Myths Vs Reality

INR 395/-

Bundle Offer INR 600/-

Courses | Level : Intermediate

Working Principle of EV System

Components of EV, Working Principle of Electric vehicle system, Electric Motor Introduction

High Voltage EV Battery System

Deep dive into EV Batteries, Understanding Solid State Batteries, Next Gen EV Battery Technologies

Charging Systems and Power Electronics

Deep dive into EV Charging systems, EV Power Electronics explained, Electric drive for Super cars





This course is curated by a team of industry professionals with several decades of Global experience in Electric vehicles & Auto industry.

The team is spread across UK and India, they have practical hands-on experience and hold Doctorate and Master’s Degree from reputed Institutions like Sheffield University, UK; Warwick University, UK; London Business School, UK; Madras Institute of Technology, India & Anna University, India

london Business School, UK
Sheffield University, UK
Warwick University, UK
MIT, Chennai
Anna University, Chennai
SP Jain Institute, Mumbai


This course is developed by Industry professionals with several decades of Global experience in Electric vehicles. Our Authors not only have hands-on experience but they also hold Ph.D. and Master’s degrees from Prestioguous institutions in UK and India

The course is written in a step-by-step approach starting from basics, hence its easy to understand even for those who don't have an EV or Automotive background. There are 3 levels of the course, the Basic level is intended for beginners and the general public who may not have any prior knowledge of EVs. Intermediate and Advanced levels are meant for those who are looking for opportunities in EV sector

Yes. This course would lay a strong foundation for you to develop an understanding and knowledge of electric vehicles. This would help in all your future endeavors in EV industry

The courses under “Basic Level” are ideal for you. It would provide you with everything you need to know about electric vehicles before you buy one.

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Certificate of completion would be awarded only after you complete all the parts under a level. i.e If a Basic level course has 3 parts, you need to complete all 3 parts to get a certificate for the Basic course. The same holds good for other levels as well.

As soon as you complete a level you can request the certificate by sending an email to: info@evquotient.com from your registered email id. We will email you the certificate, which you can take a printout and keep for future reference and also share on social media.

Q&A section is only meant to check your understanding of the content and not to PASS or FAIL you. As soon as you complete the course and request for course completion certificate by sending an email, we will email you the certificate irrespective of your mark in the Q&A section.